The first union of European Tap Dance professionals, based in Barcelona!


Why E.T.C?

Create visibility

E.T.C is a not-for-profit organization created as a response to the general lack of visibility in the field of tap across Europe (: lack of performing opportunities, ongoing company work, press exposure, fundings, presenting network...). It wishes to help consolidate the presence of tap dance as a contemporary art form onto the international performing arts scene, as well as re-establish its long-gone presence within the live-music environment (jazz, world, experimental and improvisational music festivals, music fairs etc ....)


E.T.C is also an attempt to remedy the lack of cultural/historical tap dance references in Europe, by facilitating the teaching of the art-form with qualified professionals and high-caliber international figures, in an authentic context.


E.T.C hopes to help thread a productive, strong and cohesive network of expert tap dance affiliates across Europe, to consolidate the sense of a european identity within the contemporary European tap movement, while generating more work opportunities across borders for all professional tap dance  entrepreneurs.


Who can join E.T.C ?

  1. - Anyone  who is interested in following the tap dance training at Jimmy Slyde Institute in Barcelona.

  2. -Venues who are interested in hosting/comissioning tap dance residencies/performances and wishing to be connected to the life of this still little known arts community.                            

  3. -Tap dance practionners who are meeting the ETC’s guidelines and wish to broaden their networking tools.

  4. - Anyone wishing to support the european tap dance community, in Europe and abroad

Benefits of joining E.T.C

Discounted prices at ETC events and all tap dance classes held at Jimmy Slyde Institute, rental space for discounted price at Jimmy Slyde Institute, free-listing in ETC newsletter, access to ETC online resource center, counseling, privileged access to Jimmy SIyde Institute documentation center.

How to join E.T.C?

There is an annual membership fee of 30 euros. A subscription-form can be emailed upon demand.

Volunteer for E.T.C

We gladly recycle volunteering offers towards administrative tasks, the maintenance of the documentation center and of Jimmy Slyde Institute’s studio, in exchange of free rehearsal tap dance space in Barcelona.

Support E.T.C by making a donation

Contact: Roxane Butterfly

             tel /  + 34 670 528 421


             Calle Nou de Dulce 1, Pta 1

             Barcelona 08001




E.T.C’s main activities :

The artists 
E.T.C  gathers some of the most significant tap dance innovators from Europe of the past two decades:


- World acclaimed leader Tamango 
  (New York-Paris-Cayenne/Guyana) 

- Underground tap dance icon Roxane Butterfly 
   (New York-Paris-Barcelona) 

- Tap investigator Max Pollak  
  (NewYork-Vienna, Austria)

- Adventurous tap stylist Olivia Rosencrantz
  (New York-Nancy/France-Tokyo)


- Ghislaine Avan (Paris-Rome)
- Sebastian Weber (Leipzig) 
Thanos Daskalopoulos (Athens)


- Daniel Lukas (Wuppertal)
- Junior Laynian (London)

The Jimmy Slyde Institute
Dedicated to the memory of legendary tap dance pioneer Jimmy Slyde, the ‘’ J.S.I’’ is based in Barcelona and offers on going classes with  Roxane Butterfly (a protegee of Slyde), workshops, jams, conferences, lectures, access to a documentation center, a digital library (in construction), affordable practice tap dance space in an old-style Hoofers House set up.http://www.urbantap.orghttp://www.roxanebutterfly.comhttp://www.roxanebutterfly.comhttp://www.rumbatap.comhttp://www.tapage.orghttp://www.ghislaineavan.comhttp://www.sebastianweber.dehttp://www.thanostap.com

ETC gathers the best of Europe’s tap dance professionals working with original live music and multi-media. It aims to promote contemporary tap dancing as a mean to connect communities through socio-educational projects, both in Barcelona (its homebase) and throughout Europe, while facilitating the mobility of its actors across borders.